Utilizing Linoleum Flooring in Kitchens


Linoleum flooring is a tricky, tough, stain-resistant, anti-microbial, and eco-pleasant building material—all properties that make it fantastic for a kitchen. Nonetheless, it fell out of attractiveness in the early 1950s, usurped by a little fewer high-priced and much more attention-grabbing vinyl and rubber tiling products and solutions. By the 1950s, linoleum was struggling from an apparent notion challenge. By this time, linoleum experienced been a typical flooring materials in kitchens for additional than 80 many years, and whilst it was quite strong, men and women have been setting up to get worn out of the common previous seem. By contrast, rubber, vinyl, and other ground breaking flooring materials were being just coming onto the current market with thrilling new types, and they appealed tremendously to buyers who wanted to be on the cutting edge.

This was exacerbated by the fact that there ended up a amount of reduced-grade resources getting created and promoted less than the linoleum name. When these deal items begun to warp, crack, and slide aside, it was linoleum that obtained the blame.

Lately, on the other hand, there has been renewed curiosity in linoleum as a household flooring product, many thanks to shoppers captivated to the point that linoleum is a normal material without the need of the environmental negatives of artificial vinyl flooring. While linoleum is even now more popular in substantial-traffic professional programs, it is significantly frequent in household construction, which includes kitchens.

There are many concerns to hold in intellect if you are taking into consideration linoleum flooring for your kitchen.

Advantages of Linoleum Flooring in a Kitchen area

There are quite a few unique advantages to employing vinyl flooring in a kitchen:

  • An eco-welcoming materials: Linoleum is made mostly from linseed oil, wooden flour, cork powder, and sometimes limestone dust added for strength. Most parts are renewable and they do not pollute landfills. The components crack down very easily in landfills, compared with vinyl. Linoleum can also be burned without creating unsafe fumes in the way that vinyl does.
  • Scratches are less noticeable: As opposed to vinyl, linoleum is a solid substance prime to base all over its thickness, and therefore scratches and gouges are not as commonly apparent as they are with vinyl.
  • A resilient floor: The presence of cork dust in linoleum creates some “give” and bounciness underfoot, which can be an essential thought if you expend a lot of time on your ft in the kitchen.
  • A strong surface area: Companies usually warranty linoleum for 25 decades, and in observe, you might see this flooring previous even extended 40-year lifespans are not unusual.
  • Great for retro types: Because it has a prolonged and assorted background, this materials matches in with vintage or retro layouts improved than does vinyl, rubber, and other much more fashionable flooring choices. Numerous people believe that that the modern resurgence in linoleum’s reputation is thanks to the all-natural cyclical mother nature of design tendencies. This is an ideal flooring alternative where a mid-century contemporary design feeling is wanted.
  • Simple maintenance: Like vinyl, linoleum is relatively quick to cleanse and care for, requiring small additional than occasional sweeping and damp-mopping. For stains, location-cleansing can be accomplished with a pH-well balanced, non-abrasive cleaning agent. Though it is not advised that you immerse a linoleum floor in water, it can be cleaned with a damp mop about when a month.
  • Economical: Compared to hardwood or ceramic tile, linoleum is a rather reasonably priced flooring material—particularly when you issue in its very long daily life. The substance alone averages $2 to $3.50 for every sq. foot, with qualified set up adding about $3 to $10 per sq. foot, based on labor charges in your spot. Linoleum is a little bit a lot more high-priced than vinyl, but it is a superior cut price when you take into consideration its longevity.

Negatives to Linoleum Flooring for Kitchens

  • Vulnerable to moisture injury: Water is the most significant issue when employing linoleum in a kitchen area. Made from all-natural material (principally linseed oil, cork powder, and wooden flour) the area of linoleum is porous and can absorb spills and liquids.


Left unattended, spills can hurt linoleum irrevocably. Sealing is critical for stopping destruction from drinking water and staining brokers. Linoleum is not ideal for use in a kitchen that is beneath-grade, wherever moisture seeping up from a concrete slab can impact it.

  • Need to be sealed on a regular basis: When a linoleum is installed in a kitchen area, it really should be coated with a clear acrylic sealer as quickly as the application adhesives have dried and in advance of the floor is walked on. And the floor demands to be resealed per year in buy to keep its high quality and overall look. The yearly software of an acrylic sealer need to make a linoleum kitchen floor resistant to stains and impervious to most water penetration. Make it possible for the sealer to dry fully, until it is no extended sticky to the contact, ahead of use. For new flooring or kitchen area flooring that have not been taken care of in various a long time, the second coat of sealer can be used to guarantee complete coverage.
  • Set up is more challenging: Linoleum is a thicker sheet content than vinyl, and it can crack or crack if it is not installed carefully. It is fewer suitable than vinyl for Diy set up.
  • Can be dented: Simply because it is fairly soft and resilient, linoleum flooring can be dented by furniture legs or even by sharp shoe heels. Sharp objects can minimize this product. 
  • Darkens or yellows with age: When uncovered to frequent daylight, linoleum can change colour a little. Protecting coatings utilized by the company can assist prevent this.

Bottom Line

Linoleum flooring, as soon as thought of a drained, outdated material, is the moment much more remaining regarded as a wonderful kitchen area substitute for householders who like its retro charm or eco-friendliness. Linoleum is a pretty tough and forgiving floor substance for kitchens, provided you choose safety measures for sealing it and keeping it clear and dry.


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