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We are a company with 10 years of experience in furniture industry, our employees are available to execute any individual project, according to the client’s needs, so that you feel comfortable in the home you have dreamed of.

Kitchen Collection

Your personalized built-ins will be made using the same top quality products from select manufacturers and artisans whose work has met our stringent criteria for fabrication and finish.


Our Wardrobes provides an aesthetic and functional answer to all storage needs. Sliding door wardrobes, hinged door wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes. Multiple solutions offered in different finishes to capture the very essence of contemporary living.


From design to installation plus all the finishing touches, we have everything you need to create furniture of your dreams

Bespoke Kitchen Dublin

The Classic Kitchen is a bespoke kitchen series of traditional Georgian kitchen furniture, handcrafted in the same way for nearly 20 years and inspired by time-honored country kitchen designs. Everything is made to order in our Dublin workshops, with kitchen designers on hand to assist you in selecting from an extensive selection of sink cabinets, islands, pantries, butchers blocks, dressers, servers, and pot cupboards, all custom made to fit your exacting personal needs and room specifications, with carefully selected accessories and finishes for a truly bespoke kitchen. We take pleasure in paying attention to detail and listening to you, our customer. We will go over all of your options, whether you want to add a new focal point, a fitted or unfitted kitchen, a boot room, a utility room, or a dining area, so you can make informed decisions. We can also provide guidance while keeping our own design ethos in mind, or create a completely customised colour palette and materials for your Classic Kitchen. All of this contributes to the creation of extremely spectacular environments filled with high-quality furniture that will last for hundreds of years.


All cabinets and worktops in our bespoke kitchens are handcrafted in our Dublin workshops by handmade cabinetmakers. The use of high-quality hardwood throughout and wide planked fascias ensures strength and longevity. Dovetailed solid oak drawers provide unsurpassed drawer fit.

Our Classic kitchens have handcrafted doors and fascias manufactured from prime ‘Rock Maple,’ which we meticulously select to assure the strictest tolerances. Our oak drawers mirror the beauty of a traditionally hand cut dovetailed drawer while also combining the utility of a soft close drawer runner, which no other furniture maker can offer. Our Classic furniture carcasses are made with solid birch cheeks and solid birch shelves, as well as traditional tongue and groove hardwood backboards. These solid timber boards are combined with birch plywood interior components to create a solid hardwood cabinet with the appropriate balance of traditional and engineered materials. We use water-based paint to paint the interiors and exteriors of our cabinets, which is brush applied to all exterior surfaces. Our brush painting approach not only creates a delicate traditional look, but also allows our furniture to be quickly and simply touched up in the event of the inevitable knocks and scratches that occur over time. In many ways, our approach to Classic furniture is rather traditional, but adhering to traditional principles provides a product that ages gracefully and is a delight to live with.

Our Exquisite Bespoke Kitchens

Every m-style kitchen is custom-designed and built for each individual client, so no two are ever alike. Browse our wonderfully designed collections for ideas and learn how each design has been tailored to the client’s lifestyle and personal likes. The ultimate product is always an exquisite bespoke kitchen that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Most people envision a made-to-measure kitchen when they think of a bespoke kitchen. In other words, a kitchen tailored specifically for their space and how they want to live in and enjoy their kitchen. They want to express their unique likes and personalities, as well as their ingenuity and style. m-style allows its clients to reflect all of this by working with 5 timeless styles, each of which is a blank canvas for personalization. We also make each piece of furniture to order after the kitchen has been designed to fit our customer’s space and preferences.


There are no two m-style kitchens alike. Each of our luxury kitchens is designed and built to order, each with its own specification and tailored to the particular needs of its owners. This adaptability is the key to our success. Our trained kitchen design experts will collaborate with you to produce a completely unique bespoke kitchen design that flawlessly fits your brief down to the last detail.

We are well-known for our painted kitchens, which are meticulously prepared with two coats of hard-wearing undercoat before being delivered to your home. Following installation, they are hand painted in the colour (or colours) of your choice by our expert painters. This allows you the opportunity to select the exact colours that are appropriate for your space—you may even choose to integrate a distinctive pattern or specialist paint finish, further personalising your kitchen.

Your cabinets can also be customised with the handles or knobs of your choice. We source handles from all around the world in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to further personalise the aesthetic of your bespoke kitchen. We also source and offer a wide variety of worksurfaces, ranging from intricate, naturally patterned granites to clean, basic Corian and composite worktops.

However, we provide true adaptability not only on the outside. We have complete control over manufacturing because we build all of our designer kitchens to order in our own Dublin workshop. As a result, we may alter the size of the cupboards to properly fit your area. We can also modify the inside specifications of our fitted kitchens, such as introducing novel storage mechanisms or building unique storage solutions for specific goods. This means you can have a genuinely personalised, bespoke kitchen that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our professional designers are here to assist you in making the most of the adaptability that our high-end kitchens provide and in creating a room that not only looks beautiful, but also operates flawlessly. Most importantly, our kitchen designers will listen to what you want and work with you to develop your ideal bespoke kitchen.

To discuss your project with a designer in your local m-style showroom, please call +353 874-33-36-76 or obtain a free copy of our brochure.

The advantages of a kitchen that is tailored to what clients want and need are obvious. With years of experience under our belts, our most common and popular furnishings and storage arrangements are frequently acceptable for the majority of our clients. At the same time, there will always be occasions when special size is required, or when our designers produce a one-of-a-kind design. Some kitchens just require one or two bespoke pieces, while others may require several. Understandably, the cost of making one-of-a-kind goods is higher than the cost of producing normal items. However, we believe that being able to offer bespoke size ensures that a client will have a great fit and may save money by not having to install additional cabinetry to fill gaps. We design bespoke kitchens for our clients, but this does not imply that we charge a bespoke premium for every piece of furniture. The only things that have a bespoke price tag are those that are truly bespoke to a specific client. It’s just one of the ways our talented designers can collaborate with you to make the most of your space and your kitchen investment.

At m-style, we specialise in producing high-quality solid oak bespoke kitchens at reasonable pricing throughout Dublin. Our high-quality furniture is designed by cabinetmakers and handcrafted to order by skilled artisans. Our units are available in two styles: the ‘Plain English Style,’ which is based on historical styling, and the basic ‘Shaker Style,’ which is used in both traditional and contemporary designs. – View prior projects in the Dublin area by visiting our bespoke kitchen gallery.

For strength, traditional techniques such as dovetail and mortise and tenon connections are used throughout our cabinetry. For easy cleaning, we use quality smooth glide solid steel butt hinges on our doors and soft close fast release draws. All of our kitchen doors are ‘in-frame,’ which means they sit inside a frame like a traditional piece of furniture, rather than on the outside like cheaper units that sag over time.

All of our bespoke kitchen cabinets are delivered in one piece direct from our workshops to Dublin, saving our customers time and money on fitting fees. Because our kitchen units are built of solid wood, you may not only reconfigure them at any moment, but you can also change the colour and handles to keep up with new trends. We designed a modular system that allows you to buy straight from our online shop while following our design guidelines. Alternatively, if you want our design service, we will design and install your kitchen.

Dublin and Surrounding Counties

The m-style has established itself as one of the top suppliers of bespoke oak kitchens. We not only construct kitchens, but we also make bespoke furniture such as wine cellars, dressing rooms, bespoke cocktail bars, TV rooms, libraries, and everything in between; all you have to do is ask. Our mission is to present you with stunning quality furniture that you can be proud of, that has been meticulously handcrafted both inside and out.

Why not check it out for yourself? Meet our team by visiting our showroom in Dublin. Alternatively, book a design visit so that we can inspect the project space and answer any queries you may have. We will assist you whether you pick a DIY kitchen or a full design and fit service.

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