How to Install a Vary Hood


Range hoods are valuable additions to kitchens for clearing out stoves and cooktops of smoke and gasses. After you install a selection hood, you can say goodbye to misted cooking grease or smoke alarms likely off at the slightest trace of smoke.

Codes and Restrictions

If this is a 1-for-just one substitute, a permit may well not be expected in your municipality. Often termed a like-in-form substitute for appliances this kind of as dishwashers, ovens, toilets, or sinks, this variety of advancement could not have to have permitting in the exact locale if no modifications are made to fuel, plumbing, or electrical traces. Be certain to verify with your community permitting department very first, however. The installation course of action thorough in this post will likely involve getting a permit. Permitted or not, the set up of the array hood will often be subject to area building codes, as very well as any homeowner’s affiliation constraints.

Basics of Setting up a Range Hood

Array hoods are placed directly over a countertop-based cooktop or a stove. Assortment hoods have a big downward-dealing with hood to collect the smoke or steam and power it out of the household with a multi-pace enthusiast by an aluminum filter. Ductwork commonly operates out of the side of the house—above the level of the vary hood—or specifically upward by way of the roof.

Selection Hood Use and Servicing Strategies

  • Wash the metal filter at minimum the moment a month in warm h2o and detergent. Rinse in cold water and enable it wholly dry prior to re-set up.
  • Filters really should often be installed in the same path. Glimpse for imprinted arrows or recommendations on the filter.
  • Thoroughly clean the range hood with a sponge, heat water, and a gentle detergent. Hardly ever use abrasive cleaners.
  • Most vary hood fans are forever lubricated and do not will need re-oiling. Nonetheless, seek the advice of the instructions to see if any lubrication is essential.
  • Regularly cleanse inside of the duct to take out grease and other particles that may well catch fire.


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