Laminate Sheet Backsplash – What to Know Just before You Obtain


Partitions guiding sinks and stoves in kitchens get splattered with foodstuff, grease, and drinking water. So, a small backsplash normally does not do the occupation adequately. Enter the laminate sheet backsplash.

A person of the ideal looks in kitchen and lavatory design is the total-wall sheet backsplash, normally constructed from laminate countertop materials. It is the rational stop final result in backsplash evolution. Seamless, clean, and usually a solid shade, it is far better than any other backsplash material at guarding partitions and at facilitating cleanse up. Ever more discovered in designer kitchens, it is pretty much a staple of any form of kitchen area that aspires to an extremely-modern-day, modern style.

What Is a Laminate Sheet Backsplash?

Kitchens and loos are high impression spots. The wall powering the sink and counter tops is prone to humidity, while the space at the rear of the stove is issue to heat and food stuff splatter.

Tile this spot with mosaic glass or porcelain tile, address it with metallic ceiling panels, or just coat it with shiny paint—almost any h2o-resistant material or treatment method can act as a backsplash.

Sheet backsplash is the catch-all time period for a substantial, constant sheet content that is made use of for a backsplash, typically driving a kitchen or bathroom counter. Also known as a slab or panel backsplash, the purest model stretches horizontally for the complete duration of the countertop and vertically from countertop to the base of the wall cupboards. 

Although any form of materials can be utilised for a sheet backsplash, the most prevalent content is countertop laminate. Laminate arrives in huge formats that, coupled sensible fees, tends to make it ideal for generating sheet backsplashes.

Seamless Backsplashes For Simpler Cleansing

The beauty of the sheet backsplash is that it provides safety with zero, or nominal, seams. Seams make kitchen clean up-up difficult and are one reason why tiled counter tops are not far more greatly installed.

Sheet backsplashes are in sharp contrast from those that are constructed of hundreds of lesser personal models this kind of as tiles, which in turn create grouted seams. Seams collect grime, need maintenance in the form of sealing, and can at some point are unsuccessful.

Laminate Sheet Backsplash Features

  • Peak: Peak is at least 18 inches, as that is the minimal length among countertops and the bottom edge of wall cabinets. Sheet backsplashes not often have horizontal seams.
  • Duration: Size is decided by the kind of substance you use, as some sheets have greatest production lengths. Granite slabs are inclined to be no lengthier than 105 inches solid area (for instance, brand identify Corian) resources no a lot more than 140 inches extensive, and retail-level sheet laminates max out at 144 inches.
  • One-Sheet: While 1 huge piece is generally made use of as a sheet backsplash, some are shaped from several huge bonded panels. As extensive as these panels are imperceptibly seamed, they also qualify as sheet backsplashes. Strong surface and quartz are illustrations of two counter materials that can be bonded with approximately invisible seams.
  • Charges: The installed price tag for sheet glass backsplashes is about $50 to $80 per sq. foot. Quartz, stone, and sound floor backsplashes price the same for each sq. foot as countertop supplies. A simple inventory do-it-you laminate sheet backsplash can be mounted for fewer than $5 per square foot.
  • Shades: Good color sheet backsplashes continue to be the most popular—a function of back-coated glass being the most popular product. 
  • Graphics: Large sheets of veined, striated marble are uncovered in lots of kitchens. Laminate delivers the widest variety of non-stable visuals. Some designers like to use linen-search laminate for their sheet backsplashes.


  • Cleansing: Continuous sheets mean no seams or cracks. Seams and cracks harbor food stuff particles and other particles that hinder wipe downs.
  • Seams: Since tile grout is porous, it demands to be sealed correct immediately after set up and then yet again on a frequent basis. 
  • Physical appearance: Sheet backsplashes are located in several higher-stop kitchens. If you want to impart a high quality look on an common kitchen, a constant backsplash is a person way to do this.
  • No-Scratch Finish: In the case of glass sheet backsplashes, the paint coat is used to the backside of the glass and are unable to scratch off from everyday use.


  • Expert Installation: Because of to the massive dimension of the materials, sheet backsplash set up is commonly most effective left in the arms of experienced technicians.  
  • Crack Transference: One particular benefit of making use of individual units like tile is that cracks are contained in just each unit. Seldom will cracks from one tile lengthen throughout a grout seam and on to other tiles. For the reason that sheet supplies have no containment strategies, cracks that build in a single place can proceed by way of the whole sheet.

Sheet Backsplash Supplies

  • Glass: Glass is a popular type of sheet backsplash content due to the fact of the again-coating approach and for the reason that it is non-porous. 
  • Good Surface area, Quartz, Stone: Any form of homogeneous materials utilized for countertops—solid surface area, quartz, and purely natural stone—can also be employed as a sheet backsplash. Countertop thickness substance can be prohibitively pricey, though. Reliable surface is one particular countertop materials that is out there in a thinner, 1/4-inch version (countertop thickness sound surface is 1/2-inch thick).
  • Countertop Laminate: Laminate components are the most charge-efficient way to produce a sheet backsplash. Strong colour laminate sheets can be ordered for as tiny as $2 to $5 for each sq. foot at local home advancement stores and bonded to inexpensive medium-density fiberboard.
  • Stainless Steel: Long applied in cafe kitchens for sinks, counters, and heat guards, stainless metal is a remarkably sturdy product that lends by itself effectively to backsplashes.

Do-It-On your own Sheet Backsplash Set up

Even nevertheless sheet backsplashes are most typically installed by skilled specialists, a quantity of do-it-yourselfers have managed to make their have with laminate and glass.


Laminate is, by significantly, the least difficult sheet materials for the do-it-yourselfer to do the job with when building a significant-format backsplash. While local home centers might only have 8-foot prolonged sheets, you can discover 10-foot sheets at countertop distributors, if require be.

For vertical applications, the product ought to be bonded to #45 density particleboard, or MDF, that is at minimum 3/8-inch thick. Attach the MDF to the wall with adhesive or screw on to studs with small-headed screws.


Glass is far more tricky but some do-it-yourselfers have properly pulled off again-coated glass backsplashes. Thanks to price and transportation difficulties, though, size may be limited.

Use spray paint to coat the back again of the glass, implementing many coats for an even, strong coloration. Or you might want to combine various paints and streak them down for a enjoyment, lively influence.


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