How to Eliminate a Rubbish Disposal


There are various motives you may have to have to completely get rid of a garbage disposal from your kitchen sink. Acquiring a septic method, or going through troubles with clogged drains, are the most common good reasons.

Rubbish disposals are not advisable for properties with septic techniques. If you’ve got had problems with a septic method, or you have moved into a dwelling that has a septic procedure, it might be a excellent notion to remove the disposal. In the same way, kitchen area drains that are vulnerable to clogging may well be challenged by a garbage disposal it sends minor bits of food items down the drain, which may make clogging even additional possible. In that case, it is really safer to scrape off all foods scraps into the compost or trash to keep your drains clear.

Fortunately, taking away a garbage disposal and setting up a sink strainer in its place is a task most home owners can cope with on their personal.

Ahead of You Get started

When you eliminate a garbage disposal without the need of replacing it with a new 1, you have to set up a new sink strainer, or basket strainer, in its spot. You may also will need a new sink tailpiece, the vertical drain pipe immediately under the strainer. In addition, you will probably have to have a new continual squander pipe that extends from the tailpiece to the drain’s P-entice or a tee (for double-basin sinks).

All of these areas are normally offered at house facilities. They are economical and easy to perform with. If you have difficulty fitting any of the new drain elements with the previous, it costs pretty minimal to change all of the drain elements main to the branch drain in the wall or floor.


If your rubbish disposal does not have an equipment cord plugged into an outlet, it is difficult-wired and ought to be disconnected from the circuit wiring. Shut off the ability to the disposal circuit at the circuit breaker prior to functioning on any wires. Consult an electrician about completely disconnecting the disposal portion of the circuit.

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